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Jul, 2021

2021 State Tournament Champions

8-10  9-11   10-12 CoachPitch 8year Olds  Coach Pitch  7 Year Old
 District 1a  Bowling Green East  Owensboro Southern
Warren County South
 District 1b  Warren County South  Bowling Green East   Owensboro Southern      
 District 2  North Oldham  North Oldham  Nelson County  North Oldham   South Oldham  North Oldham  
 District 3  Lexington Eastern  Lexington Eastern  Lexington Eastern  Anderson Co Eastern  Eastern  Western
 District 4  Hazard-Perry  Corbin  Hazard-Perry  Corbin  North Laurel  Hazard Perry  Corbin
 District 5  Washington County  none  Marion County  Adair County  Marion County  XXX  
 District 6  Russell Flatwoods Russell Flatwoods   Ashland  Ashland  Fleming  XXX  
 District 7  Painstville Prestonsburg Paintsville  Paintsville  South Central Floyd  Paintsville  
 Warren County South  D1  Lexington EasternD3  Warren County South  D1  Lexington Eastern D3    North OldhamD2  
Intermediate 50/70   State Champions:  South Oldham  D-2    defeated Lexington Western  22-7 and 4-3

Senior  League State Champion :  D-4 Hazard-Perry
\Junior League State Champions:Leslie County 
  8-10   9-11  10-12  Junior
 District 1  none  none  none none none  
 District 2 North Oldham  North Oldham  North Oldham  Henry County  none  
 District 3  none  none none none  none  
 District 4  Clay County    Hazard/Perry  none  Hazard Perry  
 District 5  Marion County  none  Russell County  none none  
 District 6 Russell Flatwoods
Boyd County
 none  Stan Spence
 none none  
 District 7  Letcher County   Knott County   Letcher County  Letcher County  Shelby Valley  
 Clay County  Knott County  Russell County  Letcher County  Hazard Perry  

Senior  & Junior League baseball:   Tournament July 31  and  August  1  in Winchester   
Senior  LeagueTeams  :  D3 Richmond  
\Junior League Teams:

District  3   

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