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Jul, 2022

2022 State Baseball Tournament

Day 5
It was hot and sunny day at Walsh Park  in LaGrange as three state championship  was decided
10-12 Year Olds
North Laurel  5  Eastern 4 North Laurel  Matthew Powenski hit a two run homer in the bottom of the fifth inning to bert had adoublebeat Eastern 5-4.  For North Laurel, Ethan Anderson had two run homer in the first inning. Kip Allen  had a double and a single.  For Easten,  Reed Graves had a double and a single.  Blake Lambert had a double.
9-11 Year Olds
Warren County South 5 - Eastern  2  Warren County South scored  three times in the fifth inning as they beat Eastern 5-2.   For Warren COunty South,  Jakob Whalen had a triple.   Jaxon griffin had a double and two singles.  For Eastern.  Jake Bowles had a double.
8-10 Year Olds
Eastern 11 North Oldham  5    Eastern  scored four times in the fourth and fifth  inning to beat North Oldham 11-5.  For Eastern, Graham Duncan had a double and a single.  For North Oldham, Natyhan Hoffman  and Nick Pedigo each had two hits.

We enter the fourth day with great weather for the semi-finals of the State Little League aseball tournament as 12 teams tried to advance to the State Championship with only 6 that survived.
10-12 Year Olds
Eastern 3 - Ashland 2     A three run fourth inning was just enough as Eastern punched their ticket to the championship game with a 3-2 win over Ashland.  For Eastern, Luke Cravens(3), Andrew Jenkins(2), John Cooper Sawyer and Aiden Hamilton had base hits. Reed Graves and Cooper Dickerson had doubles.  For Ashland, Tevin Smith had a double.  Hunter Good had a base hit
North Laurel 6 - North Oldham 2   North Laurel had three two run innings as they advanced to the championship game with a 6-2 victory over North Oldham.  For North Laurel, Marshall Mastin had a triple. Ethan Anderson and Kip Allen added doubles. Nate Miller (2), Cooper Parman and Kip Alllen had singles.   For North Oldham, Sam Lye had a double.  Porter Salisbury and Sam McCall had base hits.

9-11 Year Old
Eastern 16  - South Central Floyd 3   Eastern overcal Floydme a 3-0 deficit to beat South Central Floyd 16-3 to advance to the finals.  For Eastern, Parker Oakley, Henry Warner and Rhodes McCullough had doubles.  For South Central Floyd, Braylon Hall had a double.  BJ Gibson, Blake Cole and Drake Tackett had base hits
Warren County South 14 - North Oldham 4   Warren County South put eight runs on the board in the fourth inning to beat North Oldhaam 14-4.   For Warren County South, Max Lobb, Jaxon Griffin, Easton Kane, Wyatt Watson, Caiden Goss and Logan Peterson had doubles.  For North Oldham, CC Cooper and Keaton Cooper had doubles. Michael O’Dwyer(2), Jacob Roberts, Leo Quinones, Billy Keck and Landon Nelson had base hits.

8-10 Year Olds,
Eastern 12 Fleming County 2   Eastern had a pair of five run innings to beat Fleming County 12-2.  For Eastern, Max Fletcher had a double.  Kingston Hudspeth, Graham Duncan, Banks Wilkinson and Turner Smith had base hits.  For Fleming County. Jackson Teegarden(2) and Tanner Story had base hits. Max Fritz added a double.
North Oldham 12 Warren County 5 North Oldham put nine runs on the board as they handed Warren County South 12-5 loss.   For North Oldham, Nathan Hoffman had a double. Casey Mais had a triple. Seth Roberts, Jackson Edgar, Brady Noe(2), Max West and Nick Pedigo had base hits.  For Warren County South, Nate Oliver had a double and three singles.
Day 3
After  early morning thunder storms  and delaying the start of  gams,  the fields were ready to go at Walsh Park in LaGrange.  With the last day of Pool  play teams were fighting  to advance to the semi-finals on Tuesday.

10-12 Year Olds
North Oldham 8 - Owensboro Southern 2   North Olham scored five times in the fifth inning as they beat Owensboro 8-2 in advancing to the semi-finals.  For North Oldham, Sawyer Baillargeon hit a grand slam.   Sam Lye had a double and a single.  Hudson Meredith(2), Ty Bryant(2), Porter Salisbury(2) Liam Videll and Reece Salyer had base hits.  For Owensboro Southern, Ace Lillpop(2) Isaac James, Drew Miles, and Reese Hinton had base hits.

Eastern 13 - Adair County 0   Eastern put two five run innings on the board on their way to a 13-0 win over Adair County.   For Easten, Luke Craven had a double and two singles.Andrew Jenkins had a double. Blake Lambert(2), Jack Fletcher, Cooper Dickerson(2) and Henry Chiles had base hits.  For Adair County, Kip Diaz and Zane Greer had base hits.

Ashland 14 - Prestonsburg 5   Ashland scored six runs in the second and fourth inning to beat Prestonsburg 14-5.   For Ashland, Jaylon Strader and Chandler Kiser had doubles.
 For Prestonsburg, Braydon Maines had a triple and a double among his three hits.+ 

North Laurel 12 - Valley Sports 2 North Laurel put five runs on the scoreboard  in the second and sixth inning as they defeated Valley Sports in the fifth inning.12-2.   For North Laurel, Cooper Parman had a homerun,a double and a single. Jaxon Asher added double jaxon Asher Kip Allen had a triple and a double. Marshall Mastin had a homerun.  For Valley Sports, Griffin Hatchett added a double.

9-11 Year Olds
Eastern 13 - Corbin 1   Eastern put the game away with a 9 run third inning to beat Corbin 13-1.  For Eastern, Parker Oakley, Rhodes McCullough, Cooper Williams and Benjamin Warner had doubles.   For Corbin, Gunner Duff had double and single.

North Oldham 12 - Russell Flatwoods 4   North Oldham scored eight runs in the fifth inning as they beat Russell-Flatwoods 12-4.  For North Oldham, Colton Collins had a triple Keaton Neuner,Weston Rice and Landon Nelson each  added a double.  For Russell-Flatwoods, Christian scott(2) and Eli Craft had doubles.

Warren County South 15 - South Central Floyd 0   Warren County South shutout South Central Floyd15-0 to win their pool.   For Warren County South, Ethan Sanders and Kash Rowland had doubles.  For South Central Floyd, Braylon Hall had two hits.

Nelson County 16 - Carroll County 6   Nelson County defeated Carroll County 16-6.  For Nelson County, Lane Thurman had a homerun.  Ethan Nally Jaxon Price and Dawson Simpson had doubles.  For Carroll County, Joe Ward had two doubles.
8-10 Year Olds
Warren County South 16 - Adair County 13   Warren County South scored four times in the sixth inning to defeat Adaidr County 16-13.  For Warren County South, Marshall Johnson, Buck Gaines and Cam Jones each had a double.  DJ Morgan(4), Colton Stinson, and Andrew Sherwin (2) had base hits. Colton Kittinger had a triple. For Adair County, Brody Jones had a double and two singles. Bentley Petty(2), Jared Hughes, Karson Richard and Bennett McGaha had doubles.

Eastern 8 - Paintsville 2   Eastern finished off pool play with a 8-2 win over Paintsville. Tony Bruggman, Hank Watts and Kingston Hudspeth had doubles.  For Paintsville, Mason Gibson(2) and Will Castle had base hits.

Hazard-Perry 9 - Shelby County 5    Hazard-Perry scored six runs in the second as they defeated Shelby County 9-5.  For Hazard-Perry, Maverick Watts and Ross Logan each had a double and a single.Lucas Gayheart had a triple and a single.  Colt Neace(3),Jase Mullins(2), Bentley Napierand Preston Collett(2) had base hits.  For Shelby County, Caden McIntyre, Jayden Johnson Tate Spoonamore,Kaydon Huimphrey, Charlie Howell(2) and Tripp Sageser had base hits.

North Oldham 11 - Fleming County 1    North Oldham erupted with a seven run fifth inning to beat Fleming County 11-1.   For North Oldham, Max West, Casey Mais Nathan Hoffman and Brady Noe had base hits.  For Fleming County, Max Fritz had a double.

Day 2 Sunday highlights
The heavy rain stayed away for the most part on Sunday as the State Basebtournament continued at Walsh Park in LaGrange.  
10-12 Year Olds
Eastern 6 - North Oldham 1    Eastern went 2-0 as they defeated North Oldham 6-1.  Jake Fletcher had a double. Reed Graves(2), John Sawyer, Haydon Faulkner,and Brayden Brand had base hits.   For North Oldham, Ty Bryant had a homerun. Vallon Moore had a double and a single.  Jon Tucker and Liam Videll had base hits.

Owensboro Southern 10 - Adair County 7   Owensboro Southern Drew Miles had two homeruns and a double.  Ace Lillpop had a double and two a singles. Isaac James ha a trple, a double and a single. Landon Marks(2) and Peyton Morris had base hits.  Lucas Hagan added a double. For Adair County, Ty Burwash had two homeruns. Kadin Burton, Kip Dial, Miles Bowman, Zane Greer, Parker Jessie  and Jay Harmon had base hits. Braxton Mckinney had a double and a single.  

Valley Sports 10 - Prestonsburg 7   Valley Sports scored five times in the fifth inning to beat Prestonsburg 10-7.   For Valley Sports, Ace Foley had a grand slam in the fourth inning. Griffin Hatchett added a triple. Will Spurgeon , Paele Kron, Quinn Person and Quinn erson had base hits.  For Prestonsburg, Braydon Mains had a triple and a single. Christian Click and Sam Hyden each had a triple and a double. Isaiah Blanton and Luke Terry had base hits.

North Laurel 4 - Ashland 0    North Laurel ran their record to 2-0 in pool play as they blanked Ashland 4-0.  For North Laurel, pitchers Ethan Anderson and Kip Allen combined on the shutout
and 14 strikeouts.  Ethan Anderson had a double and a single.Jaxon Asher added a double. Tate Marcum and Cooper Parman had base hits.  For Ashland, Reed Runyon had a base hit.

9-11 Year Olds,
Eastern 10 -  Russell Flatwoods 0 Eastern Pitchers Henry Warner and Sammy Giles combined to shutout Russell-Flatwoods 10-0.  For Eastern, Cooper Williams had a double. Benjamin Warner had a double and a single.  Jake Bowles(2), Rhodes McCullough.Parker Oakley and Alex Blanton had base hits.  For Russell-Flatwoods, Brenn Snyder had their only hit.

North Oldham 14 - Corbin 3 North Oldham scored 7 time in the third inning for 14-3 win over Corbin. For North Oldham, Keaton Neuner had a homerun, a double and a single. Jacob Roberts added a double.  Landon Nelson, Weston Rice, Billy Keck, CC Cooper(2) and Colton COllins2) had base hits. For Corbin, Gunner Duff,Cole Moore and Thatcher West had base hits.

Warren County South 19 Carroll County 0    Warren County South kept the scoreboard busy as they defeated Carroll County 19-0. For Warren County South, Max Lobb had two doubles and a single.Jakob Whalen, Charlie Price and Thomas Fentress each had a double and two singles.  Easton Kane and Gavin Oller had base hits Jackson Bragg hada double and single.   Jordan Brackman had a single for Carroll County 

South Central Floyd County 9   - Nelson County 0   For South Central Floyd, Cash Haley had a double.  Ryan Mullins, Quinn Harlow,BJ Gibson and Blake Cole had base hits.  For Nelson Count, Luke Livingston had a base hit.

Warren County South 12 - Paintsville 5   Warren County South jumped out to an early 6-0 lead in the first inning as the defeated Paintsville 12-5. For Warren County South, Harrison Brownlee(3) andMuicah Sells, DJ Morgan and Lukas bacon had Base hits.  Colten Kittinger had a  double and a single.   For Paintsville Lundon Farler, Haiden Blackburn each had a double.

Eastern 5 Adair County 4   Eastern scored four times in the fourth inning to edge Adair County 5-4.   For Eastern, Kingston Huspeth had a triple. Graham Duncan and Tony Bruggeman had base hits.  Tanner Smith had double.  For Adair County, Jared Hugher,Landon Moore and Karsen 
richard had base hits.

North Oldham 9 Hazard- Perry 5 North Oldham scored 9 times in the second to top Hazard-Perry 9-5, For North Oldham, Nathan Hoffman had a triple.  For Hazard Perry, Logan Ross had a double.  Carter Noah, Jase Mullins and Colt Nease had base hits

Fleming County 10 Shelby County 5 Fleming County put seven on the board in the third inningas they beat Shelby County 10-5.  For Fleming County Kase Hunt and Brantley Stamm had base hits.  Max Fritz had a double.

t was a  hot day at Walsh Park in LaGrange as the  Baseball  State tournament got underway with plenty   of exciting game.

10-12 Year Olds
Eastern 3 – Owensboro  0  Eastern started day with a shutout over Ovensboro  3-0.  For Eastern, Aiden Hamilton had a homerun and a single. Luke Cravens Eli Scott each added a double.  Reed Graves(3), Jack Fletcher and Blake Lambert had base hits    Pitchers  Jack Fletcher, Henry Chiles and Brayden Brand combined for t14 strikeouts on the hill.For Owensboro Southern,  Karson White had a double. Drew Miles(2) and Payton Morris had Base hits.

 North Oldham 11   Adair County  2  A five run third inning lead North Oldham to a 11-2 win over Adair Counnty. For North Oldham, Ty Bryant had two doubles.   Sam McCall had a double and two singles.  Eli DePugh and Jon Henry Tucker each had a double and a single.   Porter Salisbury an For Adair County, Ty Burwash had a double. Kaden Burton had a base hits.

Ashkland 13 – Valley Sports 2    Ashland exploded for seven runs the third inning as they beat Valley Sports 13-2.  For Ashland, Tevin Smith had a homerun and a double. River Lynch had a double and a single. Hunter Good had a double. Joshua Sutton, Brennan Ward and Jaylan Strader had base hits.

North Laurel 14  Prestonburg 4   North Laurel jumped out to an early  5-0 lead and never looked back as they beat Prestonsburg 14-4.   For North Laurel, Cooper Parman and Matthew Powenski each had a homerun and a double.  Jaason Senters added a double.  For Prestonsburg, Dillon Daniels and Connor McNutt had base hits.

8-10 Year Olds

Paintsville 8 Adair County 7   Paintsville’s  Will Castle had a game winning double in the seventh inning to edge Adair County 8-7.  For  Paintsville, Avery Roman had two doubles and a single.  Caden Haysley and Braylen Howard had doubles. Cooper O’Bryan(3), Cameron Blair and Brandon Cortez had base hits. For Adair County, Brody Jones(3),Bentley Petty, Lundon Moore(2)and Jared Hughes had base hits.

Eastern 8 Warren County South 2     A four run first inning propelled Eastern to a 8-2 win over Warren County South.  For Eastern, Tony Bruggerman had a double and two singles.  Slone Hubert had a double. For Warren County South Cam Jame, John Wade and Marshall Johnson had base hits.

North Oldham 20  Shelby County 14  North Oldham Scored in every inning to beat the Shelby County 20-14.  For North Oldham, Casey Mais  had a triple and a souble.  Brady Noe had a triple Cooper Brown added a double.  For Shelby County,  Kaydon Humphrey had a triple.  Carter McIntyre and Courtney Mac had doubles.

Fleming County 12 -  Hazard Perry 6   In the nightcap  Fleming County scored eight times in the second inning as they defeated  Hazard-Perry 12-6.  For Fleming County, Jackson Teegarden had a double and two singles. For Hazard Perry, Ross Logan had a double.

9-11 Year old Division

Russell Flatwoods 12 – Corbin 2     A seven run second inning helped Russell-Flatwoods to a 12-2 vicory over Corbin.  For Russell-Flatwoods, boone Martin had a double. Christian Scott had a double and a single. Emmit Thompson, Atreyu Qualls and Brevin Snyder had base hits.  For Corbin,   Jonah Cimo, Cole Moore and Grayson Gibbs had base hits.

Eastern 11 – North Oldham 6    Eastern handed North oldham an 11-6 score.  For Eastern,  Sammy Giiles Alex Blanton(3),Jack Clickner and Parker Oakley had base hits.   Rhales McCullough had a double and a single.  For North Oldham,  Leo Quinones and Josh Ruffin each had a double and a single. Keaton had adouble and two singles  Jacob Roberts and Michael O’Dwyer(2) Billy Keck(2),had base hits.

Warren County South 23  Nelson County 0    Warren County scored in every inning as they defeated Nelson County 23-0.  Easton Kane had a homerun. For Warren County South,  Max Lobb Had a triple and a double. Easton Kane had a homerun.  Gavin Olleradded a triple. Jakob WhalenJaxon Griffin and Wyatt Watson had doubles.  

South Central Floyd 16 – Carroll County 0  A eleven run second inning was more then enough as South Central Floyd defeated Carroll County. 16-0.  For South Central Floyd,    Quinn Harlow added a triple.  Drake tackett and Colt west had doubles   For Carroll County, James henry and Josh Perkinson had base hits     

Saturday Scores
10-12 Year Olds Eastern 3                Owensboro Southern   0
North Oldham  11                             Adair County 2
Valley Sports 2                                  Ashland  13
Prestonsburg 2                                   North Laurel  14
9-11  Year Olds
ussell Flatwoods 12                        Corbin 2

Eastern 11                                         North Oldham   6
Warren County South 23                  Nelson County 0
Carroll County 0                               South Central Floy16
8-10 Year Olds
Paintsville 8                                         Adair County    7
eastern 8                                              Warren County South  2       
North Oldham 20                                Shelby County 14
Hazard-Perry County 6             Fleming County 12
The 2022 State Baseball Tournament for 10's, 11's, & 12's  year olds will be held in District 2  at North Oldham Little League in LaGrange at Walsh Park    July 16th to July 20th

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 2022 state baseall 10 year old.pdf             

2022 state baseall 12 yearold.pdf

2022 state baseball 11 year old.pdfrevised 7/15   Game 5  had wrong team is RussellFlatwoods & Eastern

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